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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Capturing your big day is a big deal. So it’s important to make sure you book the right wedding cinematographer. How do you know if you fit well together? By asking questions! Here are the top five things to ask a wedding cinematographer to know if they’re the right person to shoot your wedding video—and how I (Katie, owner of 97 Films, Metro Detroit wedding videography company) would answer them.

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cinematographer

What’s your experience shooting weddings?

Has your wedding cinematographer known they wanted to film weddings since they were in college? How long have they owned their business? How many weddings have they shot? You’ll notice there’s a big difference in level of professionalism by asking the simple question of, “What’s your experience?” to your potential wedding cinematographer.

I not only studied videography in college, but I took filmmaking classes back in high school, too. I shot for another Metro Detroit wedding videography business for years before starting 97 Films back in 2013. And when it comes to how many weddings I’ve filmed—it’s over 150!

Have you shot at my wedding venue before?

While it’s definitely possible to shoot a wedding without having been to that wedding venue before, it’s important for a cinematographer to have a sense of where the best video angles will come from. That said, if they’ve shot there before, they’ve already found those angles, meaning more time can be spent with you rather than checking out the venue. But if you have a good wedding cinematographer, they’ll say even though they haven’t been there before, they’ll check it out ahead of time for you!

I have captured weddings at venues throughout the state of Michigan and even an elopement in Iceland. From Northern Michigan weddings to Metro Detroit weddings, we have shot them all. From large church weddings to small intimate vow exchanges with lakeside views—you get it, we’ve been there! And if I haven’t checked out your Michigan wedding venue in the past, don’t worry—I’ll make sure to do my research before your wedding day!

What kind of gear will you use to shoot my wedding video?

Over the years, video cameras keep getting smaller in size, so there’s a good chance your wedding cinematographer’s camera will be a similar size as your photographer’s. But what else do they use that will impact the style of your final video? Are they freehand—risking shakiness as you say your vows? Do they use a tripod—for a very classic steady look? Or a monopod—easy to transport while still providing stability for those important behind-the-scenes shots? Also, does your wedding cinematographer follow Michigan drone laws and not fly over people? Or have a fancy gimbal that gives that fluid movement shots that you just LOVE seeing in final wedding films?!

While you might not know the difference between all this gear, when you ask your potential wedding cinematographer about it, you’ll get a sense of how much they know about the camera gear they own. And in turn, you’ll hear if they’re passionate and experienced in what they do. You want someone who loves shooting weddings to shoot yours, don’t you?

The gear supply at 97 Films is incredible—and we use it all to capture a wedding day. Monopods, tripods gimbals, sliders, lots of cameras, microphones, and a collection of lenses that makes other cinematographers drool—you can trust me and my cinema team know what we’re doing! Just ask!

See us in action with this wedding film compilation.

Detroit Wedding Cinematography 2018 Recap Film

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

What’s your wedding videography team look like?

Are you looking for a one-man-band who will miss out on key moments of your wedding day? It’s hard to be in both the Bride’s and Groom’s room getting ready at the same time prior to the ceremony, after all! While it will probably save you a little bit in money investment to hire a solo wedding videographer, knowing your wedding cinematography team has more than one person there to get “the shot”—you know, for when Uncle Bob steps into the camera frame at the last second— knowing you have a second angle of your first kiss on film truly gives you piece of mind.

At 97 Films, you’ll either have me, Katie, as your lead cinematographer, plus a second shooter, and often an assistant there on your Big Day. AKA: We don’t miss a thing!

How does your pricing work?

Some wedding cinematographers charge a flat hourly rate, while others assemble their options by the package. You’ll find a ton of variables when you’re looking for the right wedding videography team for you, and it doesn’t hurt to have the details spelled out for you. Plus it’s helpful to ask because you might discover a new idea you hadn’t pictured for your wedding day!

For example, our Same Day Film! You and your wedding guests can relive your vows during your wedding reception. Yes! Just hours after you say, “I do,” you can have a viewing party at your reception, watching a short film showcasing your family and friends and your new spouse. Ask me about the details! Contact Katie at 97 Films

Discover more about our Michigan Wedding Cinematography Team 97 Films and shoot me an email to schedule a chat over coffee or a pint!

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