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About Katie- Detroit Wedding Cinematographer, Editor, CEO, Treasurer, Coach of 97 Films

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I do everything at 97 Films. I’m the one behind the email. I’m answering the phone “97 Films, this is Katie!” I’m at your wedding behind the camera, making sure you’re hydrated but also invisible to you and your guests. I’m editing your wedding film. I go through all your speeches and vows to include a familiar voice over to tell your story. I make sure all the important moments of your wedding day you requested are captured and included in your Wedding Film.


I’m sure you want to know me a little better...I mean I am the one that’s going to be hanging out with you and your family on your wedding day. Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. It’s going to be like senior year, except for funner! I want to be there for you...Let’s be F•R•I•E•N•D•S! ;)

Friends is my all time favorite TV show. My favorite episode is the One Where No One's Ready from season 3! I also love watching these stories- One Tree Hill, Golden Girls, Veronica Mars, The Closer, Psych.

I love quoting movies (more than I love watching them haha). My favorites are Legally Blonde, Frozen, Adventures in Babysitting, Bedtime Stories, Working Girl, Just Go With It, Captain Ron, and The Princess Bride. I could give you a quote from any one of these movies on cue! Just ask!

I am a die hard Leafs fan. Not the trees...the Toronto Maple Leafs. I’ve been following them since I was a little kid. I can’t wait til they win the Stanley Cup. Maybe this is their year?!?!

Pizza is my favorite food. Ham and Pineapple please. Some people might want a nice sushi or steak dinner for their birthday. Me? I’m all about the pizza!

I live in Richmond. I’m going to be honest, in the middle of nowhere. Do you know where Blake’s Cider Mill is in Armada? I’m about 8 minutes northeast.

"Kallie" Australian Shepherd/Beagle Mix

My dog’s name is Kallie. She’s an Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix. She tells me when it’s snack time, walk time, or play time. She thinks she’s my boss...I’ll just let her think that ;)

I love to travel. I went on a European adventure last fall. It was AMAZING! I went to some pretty cool places- Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, ICELAND, London, Paris, and Vienna. More on that trip soon. I'd love to make it to Greece someday (that's where my dad is from).

I'd also love to be in Toronto when the Leafs win the cup. Or take a short trip from Seattle to Vancouver. I'm a fan of going anywhere!


Last but not least, I love beer. I love trying different kinds of Stouts or IPAs. One of my brides from last year remembered me talking about this beer I had in New York and she had one of her guests (from NYC) bring me some.

Fast facts:

• I drive a blue Jeep

• My career goal is to produce a Super Bowl Commercial. (doesn't necessarily have to air during the Super Bowl...but just have that bold storyline)

• My mom is from Canada, dad is from Greece.

• I have an older sister Anne (I'm sure you've seen her wedding film) and younger brother Nicholas (we're all a year apart)

• I love bonfires!!

• I sometimes drink tequila. It's delicious!

Am I missing anything?


I know the coolest people. And they’re all past brides that I’ve become friends with. I love what I do and wouldn’t imagine my life any other way. Weddings are my jam. Don’t worry *NSYNC is too. My saddest moment had to be when *NYSNC broke up. ;) (Just Go With It anyone?)

Sooo do we like the same things? Can we be friends? Could I BE wearing any more clothes? Do you want to build a snowman?

Ok enough about here to learn more about 97 Films. Let's meet for a beer ;)

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