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Capitol Park & Midtown Detroit Wedding

David and Kelly’s love story began in Detroit. They met, fell in love, and are planning a wonderful life here together, so it’s only fitting that their wedding take place in this magnificent city. Although they originally planned for over 100 guests at a buy-out of one of the chicest restaurants downtown, as COVID worsened, they scaled back to a more intimate plan, which actually worked out for the best. David and Kelly kept their original date of December 5, 2020 and had the people closest to them attend: their children, Regi Brack aka RevReg (the officiant and close friend), Regi’s wife Jill, who Zoomed Kelly’s family into the wedding, and of course, me!

I’m so honored they chose me to capture their special evening - it was truly one of the coolest wedding’s I’ve had the pleasure of filming.

Dancing in Capitol Park in Detroit before their wedding ceremony

photo credit: 97 Films

Dancing in Capitol Park in Detroit before their wedding ceremony.

The venue was at a private residence, the original Jeep factory, in Detroit’s popular midtown neighborhood. Needless to say, the location brought an edgy feel to the intimate affair. True to the bride’s vision, the minimalistic, chic, industrial loft was styled with Brazil dragon flowers, eucalyptus, and many beautiful white candles scattered around the space. In homage and in spirit of Kelly’s favorite holiday, sitting in the corner, was a spectacular 12 foot Christmas tree dressed in sparkling white lights.

The sophisticated aesthetic of the venue and decor, of course, complimented the bride and groom well. The two kept it classy and harmonized by matching in lovely cream and blue hues. Kelly’s dress was modern and gorgeous, and she rocked the look with natural elegant makeup and a stunning updo. The children were decked out in black and white and I was impressed that they all coordinated, yet somehow managed to each show off their awesome, unique style.

The bride and groom taking a moment together after their intimate ceremony.

photo credit: 97 Films

The bride and groom taking a moment together after their intimate ceremony.

There were so many stand out moments of the night, including their vows, which were so heartfelt and beautiful. I loved that they directed so much love to their children and new family. They also invited the children to participate in a sand ceremony, a unique act of unity that is especially powerful for blended families, as it’s a visual way to represent the coming together of two groups into one. All members of the new family unit took turns pouring sand into a vase. It was truly touching to see this new family bond.

Below is a cute little Q&A to give you more insight on David and Kelly’s relationship and how they achieved this avant-garde, pandemic-influenced wedding. Enjoy!

How did he propose?

David had an apartment in Capitol Park (downtown Detroit). He proposed an a rainy night inside the apartment which overlooked Capitol Park and the beautiful Detroit skyline. It was just the two of us -- very imitate.

What was your favorite moment?

It would be impossible to pic just one, but standing there exchanging vows with our kids at our sides was pretty damn special to us. Then a few days later we received our 2-minute video recap and we just lost it! Wow. 97 Films was able to capture and beautifully produce ALL those moments into what is now our favorite takeaway.

Kelly and David's Intimate Wedding Film

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

Describe your wedding day.

We all anxiously prepared at are house in Macomb, MI. When it was almost time to leave and drive downtown, a limo pulls up! Kelly had surprised everyone with a limo so we could enjoy the ride to/from together. As we were preparing to leave, all the neighbors came out of their house to celebrate and see us off. Balloons, streamers, name it. It was a special send-off. We first went to Capitol Park for some candid video footage. We LOVED Capitol Park and together had so many great memories there. After that we went to pick-up the cake and head to the private residence in Midtown where we were to get married. the ceremony was beautiful. Everything was just perfect. We even setup a Zoom call with family so they could share the moment. After the ceremony, we hopped back into the limo and drove around Detroit until our dinner reservation at Lumen in one of their private outdoor igloos that sat our party of six. Lots of laughs and great food -- then back in the limo for the ride home.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

As with everything 2020, you just had to go with the flow. Probably more of the same in 2021, but it really did help to stay open-minded. Things could change day-by-day with COVID restrictions and such. Consider scaling everything way back so you can make decisions quicker without any financial repercussions (should you need to cancel vendors). I know that's not going to work for everyone, but remember that this day is about YOU and your future spouse...that's the most important thing in the end. The marriage. You can always have a huge party later when things settle down... I know we are!

Are you planning on eloping or having an intimate wedding? Send me an email [] or fill out the contact form and let’s chat about how AMAZING your wedding day will be and how I can capture every single detail!

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