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Let’s talk investment for your Wedding in Detroit.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I mean where else would it be??? There’s no place like Detroit for a wedding! Anyways...why is it “Wedding Cinematography Investment?” Why not just call it “Pricing for Wedding Cinematography?” Let me break it down.

Investing in a Wedding Film is a huge commitment. I’m not going to lie. There are so many expenses for your wedding—flowers, dress, photography, planner, cake. I can go on and on. Last thing you want to think about is another expense. But what if this “last” expense can make sure you never forget your wedding day? Don’t you want to remember the layout of your reception and the way the you arranged your flowers and centerpieces on the tables? I mean, you spent so much time planning and designing. Or how about the surprise dance your husband choreographed with his groomsmen? These moments are so precious. Invest in these moments.

I can tell you first hand not one of our brides have regretted investing in a wedding film. (Little secret: Brides regret not having a wedding film.)

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!”

“I was blown away with 97 Films.”

“It brought me to tears.”

“Can’t stop watching and reliving that special day.”

“Really knows how to film those special moments.”

“Absolutely the best!”

“It was the best laugh and cry we have ever had.”

So let’s think about your Wedding Film as an investment. Think about that future day when your kids are curious about your wedding and want to watch your film. Invest in that day. Imagine being surrounded by your kids and showing them where it all started … officially. The day you and their dad vowed to love each other forever and danced for the first time as husband and wife. Your kids seeing Grandpa cry as he walks you down the aisle. Or Uncle Nick make a fool of himself on the dance floor. Does he still dance like that? Or reliving a hearfelt speech from your mother-in-law. It’s showing your kids the crazy friends you had (and still have). Invest in that day.

That’s why I call it an investment. It’s a big deal. It’s a moving keepsake of your wedding day. Watch and relive your special day. Have the best laugh and cry watching your wedding film. Take yourself back to one of your happiest days of your life and cry happy tears.


photo credit: Leigh Wells Photography

Think about this. Remember when you had braces all through junior high? You weren’t allowed to chew gum or eat popcorn. Every month or so you had to go to the orthodontist and the only thing cool about braces is you got to choose the colors of the rubber bands. You sometimes went for holiday colors … but most importantly your favorite sports team (blue and white for the Maple Leafs anyone?). Anyways, I’m sure when your orthodontist/dentist sold your braces to your parents they weren’t showing them the price or cost of them and how time consuming the process was. They were talking about investment in you. Investment in your smile. Investment in your confidence.

Here’s another analogy. Gym membership. You’re not paying the monthly price for a trainer or weekly classes. It’s an investment in you … a better you. Years ago when I was a die-hard member of Lifetime Fitness I would always agonize over the cost of working out with a personal trainer or the weekly workout classes. But it was the fact that I was investing in myself that helped me justify paying for the gym. It was an investment.

It’s not the upfront cost or price that should sway you either way. It’s the investment. An investment of wedding moments for future moments of happiness you will not regret.

The experience is worth the investment. Learn more about our Wedding Films.

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