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Detroit Athletic Club Winter Wedding

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The rooftop of the Detroit Athletic Club (from a wedding cinematographer's perspective) is pretty AMAZING! The Detroit skyline behind you as the sun sets. Ahhhh I want more! These photos by Erin Schmidt Photography are sooo good and soo romantic!

Seriously the Detroit Athletic Club is gorgeous...whether you're looking out on the Detroit skyline or dancing the night away inside. There's a huge staircase that leads your guests from the main lobby to the reception hall. I'm pretty sure it's marble or granite. Whatever those stairs are it feels like you're in a royal mansion. And there's a bowling alley in the basement. Our couple Sara + Joe went bowling after their reception was over. How cool is that!?! Read on to hear more about Sara + Joe's Detroit Athletic Club winter wedding.


Sara + Joe's Wedding Photo Session on the Rooftop of the Detroit Athletic Club.

Sara + Joe expressed their love for each other in front of their family and friends at the beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Jesuit Church in downtown Detroit, Michigan. They wanted a wedding film for their Detroit wedding, so they chose us to capture their blessed day. Now they can remember all of their special moments for many years to come.

Sara + Joe's Detroit Athletic Club Winter Wedding Film.

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

Sara + Joe were fortunate enough to share their memorable day with seven of their grandmothers!

They had so many awesome aspects of their wedding like a painted Detroit Bus Company school bus and late night bowling! As a cinematographer, being able to capture moments like this so they can look back at their wedding film and smile, makes me appreciate wedding cinematography and love what I do so much more.

They chose Detroit Athletic Club for their reception venue.The room was filled with laughter,

elegance, and timeless love. My favorite part as a wedding cinematographer is filming “the first

look”. You could see their adoration for one another by the way their eyes lit up when they looked at each other. Sara looked breathtaking in her wedding gown and Joe was charmingly handsome in his suit. E Schmidt Photography was there to capture memorable still photos and Mary Ann Productions kept everyone laughing and dancing all night!


Sara + Joe's Wedding Photo Session in the Lobby of the Detroit Athletic Club.

Their love for sports brought these this University of Detroit Mercy couple together after meeting through a mutual friend. After a lot of patience and subtle persistence from Sara, Joe realized he found the one worth sharing his skittles with.

How/when did you know he/she was the one?

Joe - When I found out she endured the freezing cold to entertain me on our first date! We also spent the entire first summer driving hours back and forth to each other's houses. I think at one point she "borrowed" a neighbor's car just to come see me. Another way I knew: Throughout 2016 she would drop subtle hints by screaming "I JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED!!"

Sara - I feel like I always had a slight hunch that built up over many special moments. I think it really clicked when Joe's parents confessed that they knew I was the one. In college, I travelled all the way to Buffalo to watch Joe play lacrosse and immediately grabbed a bag of Skittles. I met his parents shortly after and I remember his stepmom, Linda, eyeing my Skittles. Years later, she told me that she knew I was Joe's match because he loves Skittles!


Sara + Joe's Wedding Ceremony before their Reception at the Detroit Athletic Club.

Tell us about the proposal. Sara is picky about her jewelry and had a hand in designing her engagement ring, which made it difficult to surprise her. After expressing my intentions to her parents I did not have a set plan for how I wanted to carry it out. I figured Sara would catch on to anything grandiose, so I surprised even myself when one fall evening I set up a few candles in our little rental house and waited for her to turn the corner. She was mid-sentence telling me to take the dog outside when she saw me standing with the ring box. She was so surprised that she couldn't even cry! I cried like a baby.

Tell us one thing you love most about each other.

Joe: I love the constant support she provides. She is my biggest champion and motivator, and has pulled me through some challenging times. She also has a beautiful laugh.

Sara: Joe is the calmest, most caring person I've ever met. He always brings me back to the basics of our relationship and never fails to make me smile.

Share with us something quirky or silly the other person does.

Joe: She kisses our dog more than she kisses me.

Sara: Joe kisses his bikes more than he kisses me.

Besides getting married - what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? Gathering all of our friends and family together. Also, late night bowling.

Reception Entertainment: Mary Ann Productions

Coordination: Top! That Event

Hair and Makeup: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Transportation: The Detroit Bus Company


Sara + Joe's Wedding Photo Session on the Streets of Detroit Near the Detroit Athletic Club.

Check out the blog by the amazingly talented Erin Schmidt for more beautiful photos!!!

The endless love, happiness and life Sara + Joe share together is unmistakably passed down from many generations. We wish them both boundless happiness, laughter and love for the many years to come. We hope when you look back at your wedding film, you remember all the excitement from your wedding. Thank you for choosing 97 Films to be a part of your memorable day.

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