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Detroit DJ // Rock Out Entertainment

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Who is the best DJ in Detroit? I get asked a lot for DJ recommendations. You want someone who will read the room, who will play the songs you want to hear and dance to, who will Rock Out the party. It's always great to be able to befriend the DJ. It's easier for us to plug in for speeches and intros. When you build that level of trust they won't do any important event with out you. They will make sure you're ready to go. That's why I love working with Rock Out Entertainment. We worked with one of his associates at Breanne + Jason's wedding last year and we had a blast.

Time to learn more about Wayne from Rock Out Entertainment!


Detroit DJ Rock Out Entertainment

photo credit: Blaine Siesser

How did you get started as a DJ?

At the ripe age of 19 I assisted a fellow DJ with some wedding events one summer. Within two years I formed Rock Out Entertainment and it’s been a wonderful full-time career for me since; 21 years!

What is your approach to providing entertainment for weddings?

Rapport and personality go a long way in the wedding industry. Listening to clients and having compassion for their ideas is so important. Especially for my line of work, entertainment services, it’s all about executing the clients vision utilizing my experience and talent. I really like to know my clients so I can be a friend in the room at their event. Knowing what they appreciate (and don’t appreciate) makes it more comfortable to provide them a great service. After getting to know their musical tastes and vision I am able to offer my feedback, knowledge and ideas to produce a wonderful event.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

Not long ago I entertained a wedding reception on a Saturday morning with no alcohol for the guests and the families seemingly didn’t know each other quite well. A challenge to say the least. I could have played easy listening music and assumed that everyone in the room would just be chill and the event was to be lame. Following my instincts on how to transition from dinner time to a soft open dance floor to then building up energy appropriately, led to a complete frenzy and awesome dance party. Which all ended by 3 PM. LOL!


Detroit DJ Rock Out Entertainment

What advice do you have for brides choosing vendors?

Work with someone you like. It’s a long day and you’re going to spend a lot time together. You truly want to like the person you’re hiring to be a part of your special day. Don’t think of them as vendors. Once you make a connection, you’ll never be displeased with your decision because you’ll feel comfortable communicating your ideas, wants, needs, etc.


Detroit DJ Rock Out Entertainment

photo credits: Candice and Dave

Thanks Wayne for sharing your story. Dang...21 years. that's AMAZING!! Check out Rock Out Entertainment, Detroit's Premier DJ service, for your wedding. Like their name says...they will Rock Out the party!


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