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Detroit Documentary Wedding Photographer Ray Anthony Photography

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Detroit documentary wedding photographer Ray from Ray Anthony Photography took the time to chat with me about photographing weddings. He calls his work ‘photojournalism’. And it’s true. Every moment captured by Ray has a story.


Greek Orthodox Wedding at Colony Club Detroit.

There’s been times I’ve been shooting alongside Ray on a wedding and I’ll see him crouching in a corner or laying on the ground. My first thoughts are “what is he doing!?!?” Then I see the photo and I am in awe. His attention to detail, vision for finding the perfect moment to capture, and are a couple of the many talents of Ray.

One wedding in particular stands out. We were in a little room with the bride while she was getting her hair and makeup done. I turn and see Ray waiting at the end of the stairs. Again my thoughts were “what is he waiting for?” Sure enough the bride walks down the stairs while the rest of her bridal party is gettin their hair done and it’s a pretty amazing moment. He captured the bride getting ready in such a beautiful moment. And that’s what Ray does. He takes these seemingly small moments and photographs them in a way that just makes you appreciate everything on your wedding day!


Hindu Wedding at Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest.

Ray is not one to pose. I think his tagline is “unposed.” You can tell in his photographs that every moment is real. And that’s what you want on your wedding. To look back on these photos and put yourself back in that moment in time with the same exact feeling you felt. Ray can do that!

Here’s more about Ray Anthony Photography.

How did you get started as a photographer?

Earned a BA in Photography in 1988. In 1992, while working in Hollywood as a Camera Assistant at Warner Brothers Studio, I contacted a friend I went to college with who was doing well with his wedding photography business. I started assisting him, and within a year, I was photographing my own weddings. I started Ray Anthony Photography in 2002, after moving back home to Michigan, my home state.

What is your approach to photographing and documenting weddings?

We photograph weddings as if we were hired to photograph “a day in the life” story for Time Magazine. Our approach is mostly documentary in style, we blend in to the background, and photograph the unfolding story of the day. Some call this style “wedding photojournalism.”

What is your favorite wedding memory?

There are too many to choose from, but the weddings that stand out in my memory are the events that are filled with stories throughout the day. For example, we photograph a lot of Indian weddings, and they are perfect for our style. The whole day is filled with different events and ceremonies. There are guests everywhere who are happy and truly participate in the celebration. No matter where you turn, there something to photograph!

What advice do you have for brides choosing vendors?

Choosing vendors should be very personal. It’s a mistake to just find people online and book them without meeting them. Meet them in person and see if they not only exceed your expectations as a professional, but that you’re personalities are a good fit. Making a decision to go with the cheaper vendor, could actually become a very costly mistake. One that you can do nothing about after your wedding day is over.

Why do you love working with 97 Films?

97 Films is among our favorite video teams to work with and we refer them all the time. They are professional, courteous, efficient and a good fit for our style of photography. It is very, very important to choose a video and photography team that works together well. I can say that with confidence when you select both for your wedding.



Along with Ray’s love for photographing weddings, Ray and his wife, Beth, LOVE to scuba dive. If you ever have the chance to hear about their dives and excursions or lucky enough to see their photographs…you will be in LOVE! Ray and Beth also have two (twin) puppies, Lincoln and Hazel. They are the cutest labradoodles ever! Ok they’re not really twins, but they sure do look alike.

You can meet Ray in his downtown Birmingham studio or catch him online- Ray Anthony Photography! Thanks Ray for taking the time to tell the world all that you do!

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