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Detroit Institute of Arts Nigerian Yoruba Wedding

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Segi + Gabe’s wedding was a gorgeous two-day double-ceremony featuring a Nigerian Yoruba Ceremony at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Earlier in the week they had their Christian wedding ceremony at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I was so honored to be in charge of their cinematography for the whole weekend. Justine Castle Photography was the photographer for the weekend, and we worked well together. I love the shots she captured.

Justine Castle Photography DIA Detroit Institute of Arts Wedding

The first ceremony was their Christian ceremony held at the Detroit Institute of Arts in Mid-town Detroit Michigan. It was stunning. The soaring ceiling, giant paintings and marble columns set the stage for a meaningful wedding ceremony. Segi wore a beautiful long-sleeve form-fitting gown with embroidered flowers at the bodice and sleeves. Gabe kept pace himself with a rich emerald-green velvet jacket and black tuxedo pants. Segi’s parents escorted her down the aisle wearing traditional Nigerian Yoruba dress. They were colorful, distinct and added rich custom to the ceremony.

Have you heard of the expression "jumping the broom"? Segi + Gabe literally jumped over a broom at the end of their ceremony right after they kissed. It's the same as saying "tying the knot" or "getting hitched." Jumping the broom is a way to incorporate African-American wedding traditions all the way back from the 18th century.

Segi + Gabe's wedding reception at the Detroit Institute of Arts was through iron doors and guests were treated to lovely food in an incredible setting. The room was grand: smooth marble walls with arches and corbels and different paintings near the towering ceiling.

Justine Castle Photography bride walking down aisle DIA Detroit Institute of Arts

A day later was the Nigerian Yoruba ceremony. This ceremony and reception were hosted at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Segi + Gabe both had different outfits for this day, and both looked amazing. Segi wore a sparkling white headdress, complete with a veil, along with a deep blue Nigerian dress and embroidered sash at her waist. Gabe looked dashing in a white tunic, pants and traditional hat. The ceremony was joy-filled. People sang and dance, read a poignant proclamation and celebrated the love of Segi + Gabe and their surrounding families. Segi had her final outfit change of the day, and for the reception wore a form-fitting white dress along with a coral-pink head piece and matching necklace. It was time for fun and dancing, and this wonderful group of people danced to the max.

Justine Castle Photography Nigerian Yoruba Ceremony at Sheraton Novi

It was a treat getting to film this wedding. I enjoyed getting to document a culture I wasn’t previously familiar with. The traditions were meaningful, the colors were rich and the people were kind. Congrats to Segi + Gabe! I had a mini Q + A with Segi + Gabe on their love story. Check it out below.

How did you and Gabe meet?

We met Labor Day Weekend 2015 through or mutual friend Tobi. Tobi and I had made plans earlier that week to go to a bottom-less mimosa brunch and he asked if his friend Gabe could join us. After arriving at the restaurant early, I noticed an extremely attractive guy walk in and was surprised when he walked up to me and introduced himself as Gabe. We enjoyed a lovely brunch full of laughter and good conversation. The next few weeks Tobi kept suggesting that we all hang out together and the more time Gabe and I spent together the more we learned they had in common. We come from similar backgrounds, share common interests and felt at ease with one another. After weeks of getting to know each other Gabe asked me over to his place to cook dinner together. Though things didn't go smoothly and we almost caught his kitchen on fire, we were both able to laugh through it and have a great time and dinner. It didn't take long for both of us to realize we had met someone truly special, someone we could lean on in tough times and who was open and excited to build a future together.

How did you know Gabe was the one?

I knew Gabe was the one pretty much right away. I instantly felt at ease with him and our connection was strong from the start.

How did Gabe propose?

Gabe and I always joke that they can't keep secrets from one another. Gabe let me pick the ring I wanted, so I gave him a few suggestions. He went ahead and ordered the ring and though I knew a proposal was coming sometime soon, he was still planning to surprise me. However the ring came a lot earlier than he was planning for. Our mail person left a note on the door the day it was delivered saying it was at the post office and that a signature was required to receive the package. It just happened to be one of the days I came home earlier than Gabe and I immediately saw jeweler's name on the note! Gabe's original plan was ruined but he still gave me a super sweet proposal. He did romantic things all week leading up to it like buying flowers and cooking dinner each night. He then proposed on a warm July night on a hike after dinner with the beautiful ring. Though it wasn't the surprise proposal a lot of people would expect, it was perfect for the two of us.

Are you jumping the broom soon? Send me an email [] or fill out the contact form and let’s chat about how AMAZING your wedding day will be and how I can capture every single detail!

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