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Detroit Wedding Same Day Film

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

There is nothing like playing a same day film at a wedding reception. Being surrounded by your friends and family as you watch your wedding film for the first time. Getting to relive your wedding day- walking down the aisle, first kiss, first dance…literally moments after it all happens.

Editing a same day film is no easy task. We have to make sure we give our footage to the editor as soon as we can. Right after the first look we’re exchanging cards so that the getting ready footage can be edited. And so on for the rest of the day. I started out editing same day films. Editing is one of my favorite parts of weddings. Getting to tell the story is a huge responsibility. Putting the story together within hours is pretty crazy…but sooo worth it!

Why would you want a same day film for your wedding? One of the biggest reasons our couples choose to have a same day film at their wedding is to be able to share the smaller pre-wedding events to all of the guests at the reception. There are some events during a multi-day wedding celebration that the couple is not able to invite every single person. Those events are usually held at the parents’ house and unable to accommodate that many people. Plus it makes for a much for intimate event. Another reason is to laugh and awe along with all your guests as you watch your wedding film.

So why do we do same day films? It’s for the reaction. Getting to watch our couples watch their wedding film on their wedding day is pretty special. I think my favorite part is a bride saying “I didn’t know they got that or they were even there!” We take great pride in being invisible throughout your wedding day, it’s cool to see the instant reaction. It sometimes doesn’t work out so well for the groom because we’ll catch him doing something embarrassing or goofy with his groomsmen.

Sneha + Harluxsh Sikh and Hindu Wedding Same Day Film at The Dearborn Inn

Sneha had asked for majority of her same day film to be in slow-mo. At the time we only did slow-mo on select moments and shots. We were open to the idea and absolutely loved how it turned out. Great creative eye Sneha!!

Anne + Ane Greek and Macedonian Wedding Same Day Film at Assumption Cultural Center

You may not know this but Anne is my sister (and Ane is my brand new brother-in-law). I was the maid of honor for the wedding so I was unable to film (I think I grabbed a camera towards the end of the night just for fun). I wanted to do something special so I surprised them with a same day film, played after speeches right before bridal dances. So proud of my crew to be able to pull it off!

We filmed a couple of events before Shaziah + Peter’s actual wedding day. Multiple days/events make editing the same day film so much easier. There’s a lot of content we need to go through but it’s easy getting the best of the best shots. We were on a bit of a time crunch because there were two ceremonies, the Jewish ceremony being right before the reception. We had to go through that footage pretty quick but it worked out!

Courtney + Nicholas Greek Wedding at The International Banquet Center (Atheneum Suites)

Another fun fact! Nicholas is my cousin and his mom (my Aunt) has been following our work for years. It was a no brainer for her to include a same day film for the wedding. Not sure it was in part of how much I love doing same day films or that she wanted all the guests to laugh and awe at the same time! This is one of those weddings we got some fun shots of the groom and his groomsmen being boys.

Richa + Joe Indian Fusion Wedding at The Roostertail Detroit

We filmed Richa + Joe’s Western Ceremony and mehendi night the day before the reception. We had a lot of great content to go through- walking down the aisle, first kiss as husband and wife, performances by bridal party. On Sunday Richa + Joe got ready for their Hindu Ceremony and baraat. There was a little break in the day and then they got ready for their reception. Even more amazing footage to include in their same day film!

Simran + Shahniwaz Sikh Wedding at The Palazzo Grande

Simran + Shahniwaz’s wedding kicked off our 2019 season. They had so many fun events over their wedding weekend. And a few weeks before their wedding Shahniwaz had a sangeet night with his cousin’s family. Again tons of great footage to include in their same day film.

I think the moral of the story is that same day films are so fun to produce, totally worth the stress of the time crunch, and the more pre-wedding events we capture the easier the film is to edit.

My goal with same day films is to create an unforgettable film for an unforgettable experience. Are you thinking about having a same day film at your wedding? It’s like a mini movie night at your wedding reception starring you! Contact 97 Films to see if having a same day film at your wedding is right for you.

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