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Enchanted + Romantic Sikh + Jewish Wedding at The Dearborn Inn

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Shaziah + Peter had multiple events leading up to their reception at The Dearborn Inn - Mehendi, Sangeet, Baraat, Sikh Ceremony, and Jewish Ceremony - and they wanted a way to share all those special moments with their family and friends. They decided a Same Day Film highlighting all the events and special moments would be the perfect way to wrap up their wedding festivities at The Dearborn Inn. We played their Same Day Film at the reception and it was the perfect way to open the dance floor and start the celebrating!! Check it out below. Keep reading for my Q+A with Shaziah + Peter!

Tell us about your wedding The wedding was a half Punjabi half Jewish wedding. Wednesday during the day the bride got her henna done surrounded by her family. Thursday evening the groom's family hosted a rehearsal dinner for the bridal party and families of the bride and groom at Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham, MI. On Friday evening, the bride's family hosted a Sangeet at the Dearborn Inn. The word “Sangeet “ means music, but when it is used as a term to describe a celebratory event during an Indian wedding it translates to Music Night or Musical party. The Sangeet was a pre-wedding welcome reception filled with music, dancing, and of course lots of amazing Indian food. The Sangeet was a very colorful affair with bright yellows, magentas, blue, and orange.

Saturday morning was the Sikh ceremony at the Dearborn Inn. The bride was wearing deep red so the colors for the ceremony included red, gold, green, and white.

Saturday evening was the Jewish ceremony which took place at the Gazebo outside at the Dearborn Inn under a Chuppah. The colors of the ceremony were white and green. The Chuppah incorporated the tallit of the groom's late uncle who passed away last year. The groom wore a yamaka engraved the name of his late brother who passed away in a car accident while the groom was in college.

Immediately following the Jewish ceremony was the cocktail hour and reception. The reception took place in the Dearborn Inn ballroom at the Dearborn Inn. The reception was meant to look like a secret garden or enchanted forest when you walk in with lots of candles, white flowers, greenery, lights, and mixed champagne table clothes and napkins.

A more in depth outline and explanation of the wedding events can be found at our website at

What is your culture? The bride is punjabi. The groom is half jewish half irish catholic.

What is the religion of your wedding? Sikh and Jewish

How did you two meet? We grew up two hours from each other, had mutual friends, and both attended the University of Michigan in 2007. Despite hanging out at the same bars, cheering at the same tailgates, and studying in the same lecture halls, it took 9 years and a trip 3000 miles south to Mexico for our paths to finally cross. Peter and I met in Cancun Mexico during trips we took with our families in December 2015. It was my second day on vacation with my family and my sisters and I were trying to get our mom to take a tequila shot at the bar by the pool (she normally only drinks wine). Eventually the whole bar got involved in our endeavor and unbeknownst to me one of those individuals was Peter. After my mom took a sip of her shot and left, some older gentlemen sitting next to Peter turned to him and said "Dude, what are you doing? If I saw 3 girls that looked like that I would not be sitting here alone." Peter took his advice and came over to talk to us. Come to find out Peter and I both went to the University of Michigan, graduated the same year, had the same major, and had 20 friends in common but had never met before. We hung out the next 2 nights in Mexico and then communicated over the phone for the next year until we finally saw each other again.

How did he propose? In May 2018, during a trip to Florida for Peter's medical school graduation, Peter surprised Shaziah by proposing at dinner at a beautiful beach front restaurant in Boca Raton.

What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning? I envisioned my wedding reception looking like an enchanted forest or secret garden. I wanted a very romantic feel.

What was your color palette and your style vision? Color palette was very much, whites, greens, and champagne.

What unique elements or DIY details did you include? We had a dragon breath bar by Infinity Party Bars at our Sangeet night. At the Jewish ceremony we read our own vows. At the reception, Peter and I made spinning wheels which people could spin at the bars and it would tell people what drink they had to drink.

What was your favorite moment? Reading our own vows.

Describe your wedding day My wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. The melding of the two cultures was so beautiful and something that many of our guests had never experienced before.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be? Stay calm and roll with the punches. Unexpected things will happen leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day. Take a deep breath and just know that everything will work out in the end. What's the #1 thing people should know about your wedding? We truly tried to incorporate the cultures and faiths of both the bride and groom's families. We wanted everyone to feel included but also be exposed to new things they maybe had not been exposed to before.

Wedding Details

Bridesmaid Dress Designer The bridesmaids outfits for the Sikh ceremony were made in India and the colors were cream, golf, and red. The bridesmaids wore mismatched bridesmaids dresses from various designers for the jewish ceremony. The colors were pink, nude, and champange.

Bride Shoe Designer Lilly Pulitzer and Badgley Mischka

Bridal Party Gifts Bride got her bridesmaids mejuri zodiac necklaces and matching robes. The groom got his groomsmen engraved duffel bags with their nicknames and their favorite bottle of alcohol.

Sangeet, Ceremony, and Reception Venue Dearborn Inn

Planner We planned the weddings ourselves however we had help from the Dearborn Inn wedding event planner Paulette OConnell and we had Rajul Pillai as our same day coordinator Blissful Weddings and Events

Hairstylist Ekta Kansara for Sangeet and Sikh Ceremony and Mary Jani for the Jewish Ceremony

Makeup Artist Ekta Kansara for Sangeet and Sikh Ceremony and Bianca Sandiha for the Jewish Ceremony

Watch Shaziah + Peter's Wedding Film!

I absolutely loved this Jewish and Sikh fusion wedding at The Dearborn Inn! Are you planning a fusion wedding? Ah so exciting! Reach out and we can talk more about your wedding!

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