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Greek + Serbian Wedding Film Detroit

One of my favorite aspects of being a wedding cinematographer in Detroit is filming all the different cultures and traditions. Maria + Zoran’s Greek and Serbian wedding was no exception. Their Cypriot pre-ceremony traditions were detailed and specific and seeped in ancient tradition. Maria had to be completely ready—hair, makeup and dress—before 11am for the 3pm ceremony! It was a busy day. Maria is Greek and her husband, Zoran, is Serbian and they wanted to incorporate as many Greek and Serbian traditions into wedding as they could. Many family play an important role in the day.


Maria + Zoran Greek exiting the Serbian church during their Greek and Serbian wedding.

photo credit: Raj Mehta Photography

They started at Maria’s parent’s living room with the Cypriot traditions: a band, dancing and singing, a rosemary and ribbon pinning, and pictures with the bride. Meanwhile, Zoran is getting his group of family and friends prepped and ready, and in traditional Serbian form, they approach Maria’s home with instruments, flags and in festive parade down the street. Maria’s family (but not Maria) is lined up in a specific order down the driveway, the men share a drink and the families unite in harmony. There’s more music and dancing and then a “bidding” starts for the bride. It’s all in fun, and the brother of the groom comes to meet Maria with her shoes, stuffs them with some money and the shoe fits!

Maria + Zoran's Greek and Serbian Wedding Trailer.

photo credit: Raj Mehta Photography

The ceremony was Zoran’s first look at his beautiful bride. It was held at St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church in Detroit, and it’s a stunning building inside and out. There was a lot of movement and symbolism during the ceremony, so filming from all angles to catch it all was necessary. It went off without a hitch, and we did some filming in the rain between the ceremony and reception, which was beautiful.


Maria + Zoran receiving the blessings during their Greek and Serbian Orthodox wedding.

photo credit: Raj Mehta Photography

The reception was held at the Hellenic Cultural Center in Westland, MI. The music, singing and dancing from the morning was the foreshadowing of what was to come. Enigma, a popular Greek Detroit wedding band, got everyone dancing. There were traditional Greek and Serbian dances, Maria danced with her dad, and the couple was showered with kind words from family and friends. The guests ate a lovely dinner, the cake was beautiful and delicious and the festivities lasted into the evening. This couple needed a lot of stamina to make it through their special day. It started early, was filled with important traditions, and went late, but everyone enjoyed Maria + Zoran’s incredible wedding day.


Maria + Zoran Greek dancing at their wedding reception.

photo credit: Raj Mehta Photography

Maria + Zoran's Greek Wedding Film.

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

Are you having a Greek or Serbian wedding in Detroit? We'd love to be there to capture your wedding celebration! Send me an email [] or fill out the contact form and let’s chat about how AMAZING your wedding day will be and how I can capture every single detail!

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