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Hockey Has Heart | Anthony Mastronardi Charity Hockey Game Highlights

From the Moment we laced up our first pair of skates, we were hooked. The digging, the dangles, the top-shelfers And the tilts. Morning, Night, and in our sleep. We play because once we take the ice, We forget that ANYTHING else exists. No Problems, No hassles. Only hits and hat-tricks. One-timers, Slappers ,sick saucers, and backhanded toedrags. We play for the glory of the best game on earth. We play because we are privileged to be able to. We play for the Greater Game. Hockey. -Unknown

Anthony Mastronardi, a junior at Dakota High School, suffered a serious injury while playing on the varsity hockey team. Detroit Red Wings Alumni played against local high school players on Sunday, April 30 2017 at Fraser Hockeyland.

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