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Legacy Film // Detroit Video Production

Though some might consider their treasure big numbers in a bank account, or a fancy car in the driveway or a long vacation on a remote island, most of us would consider the real treasure in life to be the people around us. As our loved ones age, now is the time to hire 97 Films for a Legacy Film. To capture the story, in masterful cinematography, of a disappearing generation, and the details that make their lives unique, is to remember and pass on the history of a family line.

After watching her grandmother’s Legacy Film Erika immediately emailed me -

"We just watched it for the first time with my Oma and we are all so so happy. It is truly amazing. THANK YOU for this. Our family now as a memory that can passed on for years. Your work is terrific and you capture the heart and soul of a person !!! I cried Katie, what you’re doing is amazing. Absolutely amazing."

We love sitting down with grandparents and aging relatives in their natural and well-loved spaces: their homes, gardens, front porches—the places where they’re most comfortable, and the spaces that are quintessentially “them”. We have prepared questions, usually compiled and asked by family members to create warm familiarity in the film. And we let the cameras roll, because capturing the unexpected is magic. Photographs are edited in to enhance and remind the viewer of historic details, but a Legacy Film captures the distinct laugh, the mischievous twinkle in their eye, their accent and personality. We have found it so valuable to film the stories, because the details are preserved. Small details of place, year, setting and surrounding context are easily forgotten, yet our Legacy Film can preserve the stories for the current generation and the ones to come.

If you have a family member whose stories, personality, voice and mannerisms light up a room, send us an email to schedule time to record a Legacy Film. We think it’s impossible to forget the details of this special person, but the details can become foggy quickly when they’re gone. When our loved one is gone, your Legacy Film becomes a true treasure.

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