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Wedding Season in Michigan | Four Wedding Seasons is Better than One

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and we are so thankful to call it home. From the sandy lake shores in the west to the lush forests in the north, the Mitten State has something to offer everyone. Some would say that Michigan has one true wedding season, but we disagree. The beauty of the Great Lake State is that it has four incredible wedding seasons that each boast a unique back drop for a perfect wedding. We dig into the four seasons and highlight the dreamiest weddings for each to help you find the perfect season for your affair.

Spring Wedding –

Spring time means flower time and what’s better than beautiful fresh flowers? We’re obsessed with spring weddings. The temperature is not too hot or not too cold -it’s just right. The west side of the state is usually a tourist destination in the hot summer months which means you’ll be ahead of the summer rush if you host your wedding earlier in the year. Holland Michigan hosts an annual tulip festival. The city is draped in colorful tulips and would be the perfect place for a spring wedding. Did we mention there are a ton of breweries in the area? We’re sold, are you?

Michigan Spring Wedding at The Henry Hotel

Summer Wedding –

Sweet, sweet, summertime! In the summer it’s fun to head north and enjoy the cool breeze off the Great Lakes on Mackinac Island. Your guests could enjoy the exciting ferry ride to the island and travel back in time with carriage rides. It’s the perfect ‘destination’ wedding that doesn’t require you to travel too far.

Michigan Summer Wedding at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island

Fall Wedding –

Have you ever driven through the Upper Peninsula during peak foliage in the fall months? It’s breath taking! Michigan is a nature lovers paradise so head north and host a wedding deep into the trees during the fall. It’s the perfect environment for a rustic and romantic unplugged ceremony. The color of the trees are vibrant and whimsical. You’ll have people talking about your wedding for years to come.

Michigan Fall Wedding at The Inn at Bay Harbor

Winter Wedding –

The holiday season is magical adding an extra spark of joy to a wedding. People are the jolliest and want to spend as much time with family as they possibly can. Downtown Detroit is decked with lights and the city is alive. There is nothing more beautiful than a winter wonderland in the city and it provides the most incredible back drop for videos and photos. You’ll want to include lots of ferns and greenery in your decor. You also can’t go wrong with having Santa make an appearance at the wedding. It will surely be a memorable moment for you and your guests. You’re guaranteed to have a swoon worthy day during the holiday season.

Michigan Winter Wedding at The Colony Club

Did you know that 97 Films is available year-round and will travel? We’d love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding.

Check out these perfect wedding venues for your Winter, Fall, Summer, or Spring Wedding!

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