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Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel Hindu Fusion Wedding

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Right from the start, I knew being the cinematographer for Vanshika + Kyle’s wedding at the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel would be epic, and I wasn’t disappointed. When a wedding celebration spans an entire weekend, it’s going to be a good one! It was so beautiful watching two families, from different customs and traditions, become a beautiful blend of each other. The newly renovated Toledo Rennaissance Hotel in the heart of Toledo, Ohio, and near the edge of Maumee River, hosted the sangeet, baraat, ceremony and the reception. I really enjoyed working with Bella and Vidya from Park and Square, the Chicago-based event planners. To pull off four big parties in one weekend takes the best and most organized wedding planners. This was also the first time working with Style & Story, Columbus based wedding photographers.

Vanshika + Kyle at their wedding sangeet at the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel.

photo credit: Style & Story

Vanshika + Kyle's Indian Wedding Film at the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel.

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

The sangeet kicked the weekend off, starting with cocktails at The Heights, the rooftop bar. Then everyone brought their musical talent and celebrated Vanshika + Kyle with gifts of choreographed dances, speeches, and song. Even Kyle serenaded with a flute solo and Vanshika danced an upbeat number with her sister. One of the bridesmaids dug deep back into the archives of quality music to quote a “wise woman” with some lines directly from the Spice Girl’s hit “Wannabe”. The laughter, joy and love among this family and their friends was so obvious, and a treat to get to be the cinematographer at such an amazing celebration.

The next day, with everyone in different gorgeous robes and gowns than the night before, began with Baraat. Traditionally the groom rides in on a horse, and in a modern twist, both Vanshika + Kyle rode in on their own horses. More dances, complete with matching heart-shaped sunglasses, partner lifts and total participation symbolized the joining of two families. The rain was on-and-off that morning, and Vanshika’s sister made the final decision to hold the ceremony outside in the beautiful Rennaissance Hotel’s water-filled courtyard. I filmed the bride and groom exchanging their floral garlands on the walkway over the water from a couple different angles. The wedding ceremony was meaningful and symbolic with both sets of parents and Vanshika’s sister participating.

As if all of those parts of the wedding weren’t exciting enough, it was time for the reception. The Renaissance Hotel’s grand ballroom was magical. An over-sized dance floor, neutral coloring on the walls and carpet and gorgeous modern light fixtures won’t interfere with any bride’s reception color scheme. I got to film the space before it was full, and highlighted the pristine white couch and decorated platform perched above the dance floor. When the reception was in full swing the swirling colors, meaningful speeches, and delightful company made for an over-all incredible weekend.

Are you having an Indian fusion wedding? We'd love to be there to capture your wedding celebration! Send me an email [] or fill out the contact form and let’s chat about how AMAZING your wedding day will be and how I can capture every single detail!

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