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The Dearborn Inn Sikh + Hindu Indian Wedding

What a weekend! What a wedding! Filming the cinematography for Sneha + Harluxsh’s incredible wedding weekend was a privilege. We started with the Sangeet, on the gorgeous lawn of The Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, MI. The colorful and sparkling backdrop blended so well with the meaningful gift of dancing and song mixed with laughter celebrating Sneha + Harluxsh.

sangeet outfits bride and groom

Sneha and Harluxsh Sangeet outfits.

photo credit: Sean Cook Photography

To honor both family traditions, Sneha + Harluxsh had two wedding ceremonies. The first ceremony was the Sikh ceremony, performed at the Plymouth Hidden Falls Mata Tripta Ji Gurdwara Sahib. It was steeped with all the traditional elements, and very special to the families. Before the ceremony Harluxsh sat a top a while horse while the guests danced and celebrated. Sneha wore a two-piece pale pink dress, dotted with gold sparkles. Harluxsh wore a traditional gold overcoat and scarlet turban. They both looked very smart together.

baraat entrance groom driving mustang convertible

Harluxsh making an entrance to the baraat in a red Mustang convertible.

photo credit: Sean Cook Photography

The Hindu ceremony was second, held back at the at The Dearborn Inn where the sangeet was the night before and where the grand reception as the culmination of the wedding weekend would be. Harluxsh rode in on a different kind of horse—a red Mustang convertible carried the debonaire groom. Sneha wore a gorgeous red and gold two-piece gown and Harluxsh wore a cream robe and scarlet turban. She was carried down the aisle by close family.

Hindu ceremony bride carried down aisle

Sneha carried down the aisle, one of many Hindu traditions.

photo credit: Sean Cook Photography

The reception, in one of the many grand ballrooms, was decorated beautifully and guests enjoyed watching Sneha + Harluxsh (in their third incredible outfit change!) dance together as husband and wife. Sean, with Sean Cook Photography, was the photographer for the weekend, and I felt like we did a great job together capturing every moment that mattered, and the fun ones that added to the memories. I was also totally impressed with the flowers and decor, by Top That! Event. For all of the details that go into all the important aspects of such an incredible weekend, Top That! Event nailed it. Sneha + Harluxsh were surrounded by love and celebrated well by family and friends.

sikh and hindu wedding reception dearborn inn

Sneha + Harluxsh dancing at their reception at The Dearborn Inn.

photo credit: Sean Cook Photography

Sneha + Harluxsh Sikh and Hindu Same Day Wedding Film.

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

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