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The Posh Retreat Workshop for Female Filmmakers and Photographers

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I’m excited and honored to be speaking at The Posh Retreat at Moon Palace Resort in Jamaica! What is The Posh Retreat? It’s a conference/workshop for female filmmakers and photographers looking to get better in their business. There will be a lot of information shared during those 4-5 days. And the information is not just from the presentations. One of my favorite parts of The Posh Retreat is the networking. Sitting down with your new camp bestie talking about business. This is where it gets real. We talk about what’s working with our business but a lot of the pains and struggles and how to overcome the pains and struggles.


This will be my 4th Posh Retreat (this year will be the 10th!!!) and I can tell you from experience I leave feeling refreshed, ready to tackle my new goals for my business, and I have this tribe I can count on for advice, support, and even second shooting a wedding with me. And it goes the other way too. I love being there for the Posh women! We’re all going through the same things...just in different places of the world. And when we get together it’s like we’re on all the same team and we’ve got each other’s backs! Community over competition right!?!


Now this will be my first time in Jamaica and I’m so excited. Well I’m excited about going to a new place but also presenting! I will be talking about tips and tricks for shooting and editing. I’ve been filming weddings for over 10 years so I have tried a lot of things and found out what works and doesn’t work. I have a crazy organizational system for my sd cards, hard drives, and project folders and I’ll be sharing that with attendees. I LOVE LOVE LOVE editing and I’m going to be sharing some keyboard shortcuts that may make your editing process quicker and more efficient.


Here’s a free tip: have you tried Q and W (heads and tails). Place the timeline playhead on a clip you want to shorten. Pressing Q gets rid of the head of the clip (or the front of it), pressing W gets rid of the tail of the clip (the back of it). Move the playhead at the point you want to shorten and use Q/W to get rid of the head or tail of the clip! Using those two keys really speeds things along when I’m trimming up footage for a highlight film.

Why should you attend The Posh Retreat conference/workshop? You’ll make new friends, create a new support system with other female filmmakers and photographers (they get you!), gain some knowledge on editing, shooting, social media, and anything else you want to talk about (there’s a time to ask your questions and talk about what’s on your mind). The presentations and roundtables will be a more structured information/experience sharing while the networking and free time will allow you to recharge and get the support you need.

It gets pretty lonely sometimes being a solo entrepreneur so being surrounded by other women who just get’s pretty amazing! And we can all get hard on ourselves because we didn’t close a booking or an edit is taking longer than we thought. This retreat and the women that are there will remind you that you are AMAZING and CRUSHING it!


Sign up by October 11th for this amazing event! Limited to 45 attendees. Did I mention it’s all inclusive? Haha! Can’t wait to see you there!

PS $100 off registration to all those who sign up by October 11th. Use this coupon code: FB_100

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