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Wedding Cinematography or Wedding Videography... What’s the Difference?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I love the word cinematography. I feel like it fully describes what I do at 97 Films; Wedding Cinematography. According to Merriam-Webster cinematography is defined as “the art or science of motion-picture photography.” The word art says it all. Wedding cinematography truly is an art. Your wedding day is an open canvas and our lenses are the paint brushes and the editing is the brush strokes. We’re creating the symphony of your wedding day. A wedding film you will watch for years to come.

Thank you Love Story Films for this amazing film!!

So what’s videography? Merriam-Webster says it’s “the practice or art of recording images with a video camera.” When I hear videography or video camera I’m picturing my mom at my graduation with the family video camera recording me receive my diploma. Or on the sidelines at my soccer game recording my team running around, passing the ball, and maybe eventually scoring. On rainy days at the cottage mom would pull out the video camera and hook it up to the TV and we’d watch birthdays, and graduations, and soccer games.

No offense to my mom, but she didn’t have the steadiest hand. It was probably because she was trying to do a million things at once. Making sure the candles on our birthday cake were just perfect, or jumping up and down cheering at my graduation...but mostly likely at soccer. What am I trying to say? I am so grateful that moments of my life were captured even if it wasn’t perfect! I can go back to that summer day when I did a cannonball off the dock into the lake or when we had an egg toss in the backyard. These seemingly random unimportant moments are everything! They didn’t have to be perfectly captured.

Videography is shooting straight out of the video camera. You hook it up to the TV when you’re ready to watch (and only if you have hours to dedicate) and you wait and watch to find that one hilarious moment that happened at some point.

Now what does defining cinematography and videography have to do with weddings?

Wedding cinematography is an art. It’s what I do. It’s capturing the amazing, sentimental, funny, intimate, romantic moments on your wedding day. It’s scrubbing through all the footage from your wedding and finding those moments. It’s taking the speeches, the vows, and the opening prayer from your ceremony and using that audio or voice over to start creating your wedding film and craft the story of your wedding day.

Wedding cinematography- It’s a fancy word that I love and will never stop using. You see the word cinematographer when you’re watching the credits of your favorite movie. Well your next favorite movie is your wedding film...and don’t you want it be filmed by a wedding cinematographer?

At 97 Films we are cinematographers. We capture magic and create art. It's time to hire your wedding cinematographer. Contact Katie to learn more.

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