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Elegant Fall Wedding at Cherry Creek Golf Club

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Elizabeth and Donovan’s wedding was held at Cherry Creek Golf Club & Banquet Center on a picture perfect autumn day in late October. The couple had always wanted and envisioned a Fall wedding because let’s face it, from from apple orchards, to bonfires, football, and wearing flannel, it’s the most cozy and romantic time of year, and an ideal time to celebrate love! It was so heartwarming to see their dream wedding become a reality and with all of the crazy things happening in the world right now, I love filming special moments like these!

Chelise Renee Photography Bridal Party Photos on the Cherry Creek Golf Course

Elizabeth + Donovan's Bridal Party Photos on the Cherry Creek Golf Course.

This day was especially magical. The sun was shining and beautifully lit the warm colors of the fallen leaves on the golf course. The tables were covered with deep red and ivory vibrant flower arrangements from Fleur Detroit, complimented by gold vases, stands, and candles. It was was an absolutely breathtaking backdrop. The color palette for the reception and ceremony included burgundy, gold, and navy accents, and the groomsmen's navy tuxedos and bridesmaids burgundy dresses designed by Azazie were stunning. Elizabeth's whole aesthetic was jaw dropping. From her hair and makeup by the Absolute Beauty on Location Team, to her gorgeous gown from The Wedding Shoppe, she looked magnificent!

The ceremony was sophisticated with a touch of tradition and modern blended in. At the reception, to represent Elizabeth's German heritage, Paul McGrady (their awesome DJ and friend) played a polka song, which got everyone on the dance floor and also paid tribute to Elizabeth culture and family. What also made the wedding truly unique and extra special was having Donovan’s godfather, Daniel Bisett, officiate the ceremony. He used the bride and groom’s story to define their love and what it truly stands for to them.

Chelise Renee Photography Wedding Ceremony on the Cherry Creek Golf Course

Elizabeth + Donovan's Wedding Ceremony on the Cherry Creek Golf Course.

The entire experience was super fun, filled with heartfelt speeches from both fathers, the maid of honor, and best man, and the food was delicious! The cake, baked with love by Love & Buttercream was extraordinary! One of my favorite moments of the ceremony was the unity ceremony. This important traditional element utilized an hourglass giving it a fresh and modern twist. The ceremony was short, sweet, and passionate, and Chelise Renee Photography did a fantastic job of capturing all of the emotion! Despite the pandemic, the two were grateful they could make the wedding of their dreams come true and I for one, was honored to witness and film the special day for them!

Elizabeth + Donovan's Fall Cherry Creek Wedding Film.

Wedding Cinematography: 97 Films

As always, here is a lovely Q&A from the bride and groom answering all of your questions, from how they met to how they made a pandemic wedding truly amazing!

How did you two meet?

Donovan and I met back in 2006 in 7th grade in band class. Throughout the years in junior high and high school, we shared many classes together and came close friends; we even went to the 9th grade formal dance together, just as friends, and had a blast. Throughout high school, we both kept busy with after school activities, work and classes, so we lost contact for a while. When senior year homecoming came along, I decided it was a great idea to rekindle our friendship (and I needed a ride haha) and we picked up where we left off like nothing even happened. We became closer as the months went on, playing Words with Friends and listening to each other’s music, and decided to take the next step in March 2012 to start dating. We had a great rest of our senior year hanging out together and with friends, going to prom together, and graduating.

How did he/she propose?

It was Christmas Eve 2018 and Donovan just got home from being away for a while between a guy’s weekend to Buffalo and visiting family in Oklahoma, and I didn't see him very much because of my work schedule. On Christmas Eve, we both had the day off, so we decided to open gifts that day since we had a busy schedule on Christmas Day. After we finished opening gifts from under the tree, I had a hunch that something was going on because Donovan made me leave the room because he had to "clean up." We were then opening the gifts from our stockings, and Donovan went first. I went after and noticed that he was acting weird and squirming around, but I didn't think anything of it. I then noticed one of the gifts in the stocking was a square box and then that's when I realized what was going to happen and my stomach was filled with butterflies and nerves. I unwrapped the box and saw the jeweler logo on it and when I opened it, it was empty. He chimed in and said, "It's because I have it," and got down on one knee and asked the question.

Chelise Renee Photography Romantic Photo Shoot on the Cherry Creek Golf Course

Elizabeth + Donovan's Romantic Photo Shoot on the Cherry Creek Golf Course.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

I thought the whole day was fantastic, so its hard to pick just one favorite moment. My favorite moment of the day was our first dance. We've both been waiting a long time to get married, we were together for about 8.5 years before the event. When we were dancing to my favorite song from my favorite band, "I'll Follow You"-Shinedown, I just had the whole butterfly feelings of when we got engaged. I just looked at him and I can definitely tell how happy he was, and how happy we were. We were so in love, even after all of the time we have been together, and we will always have that love for each other. (I'm a Harry Potter nut, and I literally put this reference in our relationship haha). The song means a ton to me as well. Every time Shinedown would come into town, Donovan would take me to see them, and usually they would play this song. The song is also on my favorite album, which was released in 2012 when we got back together, so I thought it was a sign. My second favorite part was doing the first look with my dad. I was more nervous seeing him than Donovan haha. After the first look. I was so ready for the rest of the day. and my mind was put at ease. Donovan's favorite part was the Everything was going smoothly when we were about to cut it until we heard a snap and we both totally forgot that the bottom tier of the cake was foam, and then we burst into laughter. It was a great comic relief going forward, and its something that we will remember forever.

Chelise Renee Photography Cutting the Cake During the Wedding Reception at Cherry Creek Golf Course

Cutting the Cake During the Wedding Reception at Cherry Creek Golf Course.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

One piece of advice I would give brides-to-be is make sure that you make decisions that make you happy, not necessarily make other guests happy. Yes, its important to make sure that your guests have a great time and everything like that, but what I've learned that its your and your fiancé's day, and it should be what you guys want to do and its your decisions.

Are you planning a fall wedding? With bonfires and donuts perhaps? Send me an email [] or fill out the contact form and let’s chat about how AMAZING your wedding day will be and how I can capture every single detail!

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