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Lucky Fin Project Documentary

In 2007 Molly Stapelman gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ryan. As much as each baby is unique, Ryan entered the world with an unexpected hand difference. The growth of her right hand had been stunted, her palm was small with no fingers, just a tiny thumb. Stapelman and her husband received painfully little information from health care professionals and were left to search for answers on their own. Through their research they learned Ryan's hand difference is known medically as Symbrachydactyly.

If you've seen the movie "Finding Nemo" then you know all about Nemo's "lucky fin" and how being made a little differently doesn't stop him from accomplishing anything he sets out to do. In 2010 Stapelman launched the Lucky Fin Project - an upper limb difference awareness initiative in celebration of her daughter as well other children around the world with Symbrachydactyly or an upper limb difference.

The goal of this documentary is to let parents of limb different children know that they are not alone. They can be part of a global community that will provide support and information about the many types of limb differences. A community that will provide help and guidance while navigating their new journey, and an extended family that will celebrate their child's accomplishments along the way.

The mission of the Lucky Fin Project (A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization) is to celebrate, educate, support and unite families and individuals with limb differences.

Learn more at Lucky Fin Project on Facebook Instagram @lucky_fin_project Twitter @luckyfinproject

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