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Detroit Wedding Cinematography Goals

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

As a Detroit wedding cinematographer it’s always a relief to start the year fresh. I shared all of our wedding films to our 2019 couples by Christmas. That was so rewarding. I always try to send out our wedding films within 6-8 weeks your wedding. But when the holidays come around, I always want to make sure you can share your wedding film with family and friends when they come over or invite themselves over ;)

It’s a new year. Turning over a new leaf. I’m excited for new opportunities. Where will 97 Films go this year? This past week has really got me thinking on my goals for 2020. Yes it’s February but it’s always a good time to start a to-do list. (Bonus points if it’s written on paper and I can scratch it off)

*Bonus points for more weddings alongside AMAZING wedding photographers Matt + Ashley

Here’s ours for 2020.

  • Film More Detroit Weddings

  • Finish Success 2.0 Documentary Film

  • Launch Passion Films

  • Love Stories TV Films

  • Blog Posts

  • Instagram Wedding Films

  • Wedding Same Day Films

Film Detroit Weddings of Awesome People

Detroit weddings are the core of our business. Our goal for 2020 is to film 40 awesome amazing beautiful couples. As much as I love to travel for weddings (and I won’t say no) I have to be honest and say I feel like I know Detroit. I know the best spots for your first look and how to incorporate the city in your film. Why is it important to film awesome people? Well awesome people are our jam! Craft beer lovers, travelers, and those that love the simple moments. You are our people! Bonus points if you can quote Legally Blonde or Friends on the spot!

Finish Success 2.0

Our first success film was a success. I absolutely loved talking with entrepreneurs to create that documentary film. Now we’re on success 2.0. We already started filming, I think I interviewed 12-14 people. I’d love to interview more. Do you consider yourself a successful person? I’d love to know your take on the definition of success and your educational background.

Launch Passion Films

We have filmed at a lot of businesses documenting their history and their mission. I believe a good business is made up of not just a great CEO/Owner but the other people. Why do you go back to your favorite restaurant? The food, the service, the ambiance? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything but what do you speak about when describing the restaurant? It’s the talented chef that created that awesome dish and you keep going back for more. Or it’s the bartender that recommended great wines and beers to you. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s the passionate people behind the scenes that make a business memorable! And we want you. We want your chefs, bartenders, brewmasters, creators...if you’re passionate at what you do you’ll never work a day in your life right? Well that’s sort of true but we want to document that passion.

Share all of our films on Love Stories TV

I am so honored Rachel from Love Stories TV reached out to me and 97 Films when they launched a few years ago. We were one of the first cinematographers on their site. We have over 100 films and counting on Love Stories TV. Our goal is to get all of our films on the site to share. Love Stories TV is such a great concept. You can search for any vendor type you want...cake, band, flowers. You’re able to watch wedding films with those selected vendors to see them in action.

Share wedding films, advice, and thoughts on the blog (at least 3 times a week)

I want to make sure we’re sharing all of our weddings. So that potential brides like you can see our work. We love sharing behind the scenes stories, maybe random thoughts we have about wedding cinematography. I think the post I’m really looking forward to sharing is when we get our headshots done at the end of the month. I’m excited to share more about the 97 Films team. Stay tuned for that blog post and others. I also started doing a blog series featuring the bride’s perspective. Are you a 97 Films bride willing to share your wedding story? Katie shared her perspective from her Detroit Opera House wedding. It’s so interesting to hear the bride’s thoughts while she’s getting ready or what she thought of her reception. Do you have any questions for me you’d like 97 Films to address in a blog post? Let’s hear it!

Share Daily Instagram Films

Why is this important? Well I want to make sure we have a social media presence. I created a ton of clips from our weddings- ceremony and vows, reception and dancing, speeches, getting ready, romantic photo sessions, and any other clips I could put together. There are so many mini events of weddings I want to be sure we share as much as we can. Especially Indian weddings- the mehendi and henna night, sangeet and Garba night, prayer, grah shanti, baraat, you name it I created the wedding clip to share!

More Same Day Films

Same Day Films are my favorite. I’m not going to lie. They are stressful. I have to make sure all the best moments of the wedding weekend are included in the wedding film. And we have to get this film ready to play at the reception, usually right after toasts before dinner. It’s sometimes overwhelming with how much footage we go through. But because of our process it’s usually an easy day for the editor...sometimes. Right after each major event we try to get the footage to the editor so they can transfer and start editing before the next big event. That way we can stay on top of all the footage. I think the most stressful part is leading up to hitting the play button. We are always so excited to share the Same Day Film it’s that waiting period in between when we finalize the film and when we can play it. But it really is so cool to be able to watch your wedding film surrounded by friends and family. What a cool experience. And I’m so honored to be able to give couples that moment.

You can help me complete our 2020 goals!

Are you getting married? Be one of our awesome couples! Let’s chat!

Are you passionate at what you do? I’d love to tell your story. Email Katie [at] for more information on our Passion Films.

Do you consider yourself successful? I’d love to know why! (Doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, owner, stay at home parent, dropped out of school) Email Katie [at] to schedule your interview.

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