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1997 Was A Good Year

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

How would you name your wedding cinematography company? Would it be literal in things worn or seen at a wedding? Like a wedding dress or tux? Or would you pick your favorite color or flower? Like a white rose? The meaning has to come from somewhere right? I mean, maybe the white rose is your favorite because your fiancé (new beau at the time) gave you a dozen white roses on your fourth date? And that's the day you fell in love and you want everyone else to feel that so you name your company after that moment. That feeling.

When I was thinking about a business name, I kept drawing inspiration from a lot of my favorite things. A lot of my favorite things just so happen to be from 1997. There is nothing better than binge watching Friends on a rainy Saturday or jamming out and singing every single word to a Third Eye Blind song. Or how about flashing back to the days of Buffy, Good Will Hunting, or the double VHS set of Titanic? I have a vivid memory of being at my grandparent’s house on a hot summer day in 1997. Ace of Base playing on the garage stereo and it was a good day. It was a feeling. It made sense for me to name my business after something that left that kind of impression on me.

The logo for 97 Films was designed by Claudia Smith of Fig. 2 Design who I met at a conference we were filming together in Manhattan Beach a few years ago. We talked about how to tie my roots into the design. I was inspired by the Phoenician alphabet and since the Greek alphabet is based off of the Phoenician alphabet, it made sense. Wedding cinematography is a personal thing and it was important for me to incorporate my heritage and personality into my business so my clients can connect with me on a personal level.


I love clean lines and black and white so it was only fitting that my logo reflected that. I can't explain why I love the clean look but every time I see another company with that type of logo I'm drawn to it!

Why does this all matter and how does it connect to the couples I work with? Well, your wedding day should be a good day. The kind of day you never forget. The feeling in your stomach and the impression something or someone makes on you is a powerful thing. You choose your significant other because of a feeling. You’ll choose many of your wedding vendors the same way.

So now you know the meaning behind the name 97 Films. It’s important to me and it will be important to you. I mean, your wedding year is (and will be) a good year. Let’s celebrate together and capture those moments. Contact me for more information on investment.

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